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Pokemon Creed - RPG Rules
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Pokemon Creed - RPG Rules
April 17, 2011 12:00:52pm (This post was last modified: October 31, 2019 1:51:00am by Dualot.)
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Pokemon Creed - RPG Rules

Pokemon Creed - RPG Rules

Note: These rules are subject to change at any time without any prior notice. All rules apply to every single player, whether they are staff or not, whether they are a player who has helped the game a lot or not. No excuses. It doesn't matter who they are, or how trusted they are, all rules apply.

You break the rules at your risk, so don't complain if you have been permanently banned for breaking such rules, no matter the reason.

All rules are subject to punishment - punishment means a freeze/confiscation of wealth.

  1. Only up to one or two accounts are allowed for most dailies. The exact limit is written on the page itself. For example, the limit is stated to be 2 on the daily raffle page, limit of 2 accounts for each promo and 1 on the hitdown page (per round). This is per household, so if you have a sibling sharing an Internet connection/IP address, his/her actions counts towards your daily limits.

  2. Only use one account for 50/50. That means only use one account to place bets, one account to take bets. Taking your own bets on another account also violates this rule. If seen/reported that a player has a bet up at the same time on 2 or more accounts or if a player has been taking your bets within close time on 2 or more accounts, they will be punished.

  3. For your protection, it is against the rules to use the same password on any other website as the one you use for Pokemon Creed. It's also against the rules having a simple password that's easy to hack/guess. You must also have a valid email. There is no punishment against this particular rule, apart from that you are more likely to lose access to your account.

  4. All training prizes must not be taken or given in advance. You must use Jirachi level transfer for all training jobs.

  5. Scamming is not punishable. Use collaterals for big trades (to mitigate risk) and don't take risks that you can't handle, otherwise you will get scammed.

  6. Macroing is only punishable when detectable by the system that is continuously improving, not by humans - exceptions are: can also be punished if you are giving out macro script, trying to obtain one, or admitting to macroing. If you have a macro script, you must send it to Da Man to analyse.

  7. Cross-trading is not allowed. Any done found so will have double the amount of virtual goods taken away and a suitable punishment. Attempts are also not allowed and a fee of how much the attempt was, will be taken away.

  8. Do NOT bid on your Pokemon. If you do, after the first warning temp freeze, you will be fined for how much you bid it for.

  9. Do NOT use multiple accounts to give reputation to other users.

  10. Don't account share, or login to other people's accounts. Do NOT create an account for another person, because if that person breaks a rule on the account you may be blamed for it. Also this counts as account trading and account trading is prohibited.

  11. Don't use a proxy, as the IPs used by proxies might accidentally match with a malicious user and you can be blamed for it.

  12. Don't do anything illegal, such as hacking.

  13. No bug abusing.

  14. The chat rules are also applicable on the RPG (listed on Discord).

  15. If you gained profit by rule-breaking or cheating, then we will take that away and possibly an appropriate fee (e.g. roughly double that amount by value +/- 10%); if can't afford, and the rule broken is serious with big profit, then frozen until the fee is paid by you or someone else. Done under staff discretion.

  16. A fine can be taken with or instead of a longer ban if you repeat offences; done under staff discretion.

  17. No mentioning/doing of 50/50 Pokemon gambling - this means you do not gamble Pokemon on this game. It is strictly prohibited. If found doing so, punishment will be given. Only Pokemon race bets are allowed.

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